Living Nutrilicious

Integrative Health Expert Gina Eubank is an award winning pharmacist with more than two decades experience helping thousands of people improve their lives. Her deep knowledge has earned her a regular spot on CBS’s Great Day Houston, where she appears as an expert guest.

Gina is also the founder and CEO of Living Nutrilicious, a system and methodology designed to heal both body and mind, delivering a full-spectrum life you love living.

Gina’s work emerges from her own experience in banishing a debilitating, near fatal brain tumor she had carried for a decade. In December 2003, she reset her life. Implementing these strategies, she emerged tumor free eight months later. Today, she serves as a navigator with her company Living Nutrilicious, helping people see a roadmap and learn a proven formula to experience on a daily basis vibrant health and a life they love living.

With Living Nutrilicious, Gina simplifies complex health and well-being issues into everyday terms. She communicates complicated medical processes in simple and highly effective ways that grow huge results. She bridges Western medicine’s science with other integrative, functional approaches, using multiple modalities that truly bridge the mind and body for a complete vibrant connection.

Gina works to create change at a global level through a ripple effect, generating exponential results that are passed on to each patient through live events and during every speaking engagement.

Gina believes life is to be embraced and lived and that every person deserves to be Living Nutrilicious in every aspect of their life. One of her favorite quotes is, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

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