The Total Detox Program

Living Nutrilicious Total Detox Program

Tired of Feeling Sluggish and Not as Sharp Lately?

Reclaim Your Vitality!

Get your energy and focus back and release unwanted inches and pounds.

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Detox Flyer2_frontwithoutbleedThe Benefits:

  • Feel and look younger and have more energy.
  • Think longer and more clearly with laser focus.
  • Tune in more efficiently to your intuition.
  • Natural Facelift… People will be literally asking you what you have been doing to look so much younger.
  • Reduce inflammation and release inches, where toxins have been stored.
  • Natural Antidepressant
  • Sleep well and wake rested.
  • Easy to follow and easy to live a normal life and eat dinner with loved ones or work associates at restaurants.
  • Shopping guide and meal guides.
  • Years of being exposed to toxins in food, air, environment, and thoughts, have built up over the years like layers on a onion. The Living Nutrilicious Total Detox Program peels off the layers of years of damaging toxins and releases them in an easy gentle way that supports your detox organs to convert the toxins into non harmful chemicals for easy release and removal from your body.

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What People Are Saying:

  • “The energy, clarity, and happiness I have experienced is life changing.”
  • “People are asking me what am I doing, that I look 10 years younger.”
  • “I thought I knew about nutrition but with Gina’s teaching, I have a new level of awareness and knowledge.”
  • “I used to have daily pain in my back and neck that limited my mobility and now I go to the gym daily!”
  • “I thought I would release a few pounds, but I followed Gina’s Program exactly for 4 weeks and continued eating clean, followed the emotional roadmap and started practicing yoga 5 times a week as she instructed me and I released 45 inches in 9 weeks!! WOW!!!”
  • “I’ve been battling depression for 20 years, who knew it was all the toxins in my body weighing me down emotionally. I feel like a kid again and wake up energized and happy and ready to GO!”
  • “I thought Detox Programs had to be hard in order for them to work and that I would feel terrible during the process. Gina’s program is easy to follow, and I felt great and the results 100% exceeded my expectations.”
  • “My blood work dramatically improved. My doctor was thrilled and able to reduce my prescription medications in 1/2, which will result in a $2,000 annual savings. I feel WAY better on reduced dosages and I am working with Gina to further my vibrant health journey to be on the very least amount of prescriptions as possible. My goal is ZERO drugs!”
  • “Gina guided my through a proper Detox. I have done a Detox in the past and clearly it was not correct because I felt terrible during my PAST Detox experiences and literally had to put my life on hold to complete the Detox. Gina’s Total Detox Program was easy to follow and the shakes tasted GREAT! Thank you Gina for teaching me the proper way to Detox!”
  • “I am so grateful for Gina’s Living Nutrilicious Total Detox Program! I started the program with the hopes of generating more energy and releasing some weight, but I never expected to experience so many other benefits!”
  • “My complexion is clearer, people acknowledge me, at least weekly, about how radiant my skin is and how bright my eyes are. I am proud of my self-image and I sleep better than I have in years.”
  • “Through Gina’s guidance as my health coach I am achieving the RESULTS I want and more. I am on a journey of tremendous growth and I am so happy to be sharing the abundant blessings I am receiving.”
  • “Who says detoxing has to be an arduous process? Gina has a unique way of presenting a very doable and sustainable plan for supporting the mind, body and spirit health connection. She provided an engaging and entertaining way of presenting the why we need to detox and the what is needed for the gentle yet very effective detox.”
  • “I feel so lucky to have met Gina! She has helped me more in six weeks than many medical doctors and naturopathic doctors have done in five years.”

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Detox Flyer2_backwithoutbleedHow and Why it Works:

  • The Total Detox Program works safely, efficiently and easily. There is an exact science to proper metabolic detoxification that supports the proper elimination so that the body does not reabsorb the toxins. Most detox programs do not support the body’s natural two-phase process of detoxification and that is why there is a misconception that all detoxes are hard and that you will feel terrible while detoxing.
  • The Total Detox Program also provides a roadmap of how to align the mind and body to achieve overall vibrant health.
  • Toxins weigh down the body and organs hampering the ability to function correctly. Toxins cause systemic inflammation, weight gain, foggy thinking, headaches, pain, stiffness, allergies, difficulty sleeping, depression, liver challenges, accelerated aging, metabolic syndrome etc. Build up of toxins can negatively impact health and can contribute to the development of a body with chronic illnesses.

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About Gina:

  • Gina is a Pharmacist with extensive biochemical knowledge who had a brain tumor and was facing brain surgery and naturally cured herself of this brain tumor over 10 year ago. She remains vibrantly healthy today practicing the Living Nutrilicious System she developed over 10 years ago.
  • Gina will perform a 1:1 phone consultation to review your health and help you laser focus on your objectives for the Total Detox Program. Gina will go into great detail, reviewing vitamins, prescriptions, diet, exercise, sleep, blood work and current health challenges. You will have a customized detox program to support your individual needs.

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