From the FIRST week I began to work with Gina, my body began to respond to the customized regimen Gina designed for me. As you can see from the pictures, I had tremendous results on the inside of my body that reflected on the outside. My Dr. and I were thrilled with my blood test results. I was able to AVOID getting on prescription medication for my cholesterol due to my cholesterol returning to normal levels. Thank you Gina!

I also experienced a significant reduction in the inflammation in my face and body as you can see from the pictures. I lost weight and was able to fit in pants comfortably that I had not been able to wear for quite some time. My energy level increased dramatically and I feel great!

Gina does thorough research on every product and aspect of her program. Gina has over 20 years practicing as a registered pharmacist and her tremendous passion for natural healing and nutrition provides her clients with a level of knowledge and service that is absolutely extraordinary! Thank you Gina!



John Hardesty


I truly believe we don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason. That’s how I feel about Gina.

She is a person that many people strive to be but can never become. Through her help and guidance she has completely saved my life. I don’t use the word “save “mildly. I really mean it.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with acute viral pancreatitis. After one week of just IV fluids and another week of clear liquids I knew this was bad. When the doctors told me I had to be on high doses of steroids I could officially say I was in crisis mode. I was 112 pound (mind you I am 5’6), extremely fatigued and worst of all, I was unable to be a mother to my precious daughter. Within minutes of speaking with Gina I had hope that I can live a life I was meant to.

The following morning Gina came at me with guns a blazing! She knew I needed help. Her attention to detail and caring heart set me on the road to recovery. Today, I am healthier and happier than I ever was. Gina changed my mind, body, and soul.

There is nothing better to do for yourself or your family then to have Gina be part of your life. If I hadn’t had Gina’s help last year, I can say with a heavy heart, I don’t know if I would be here today. I now find myself being a role model for health because of all the principals Gina has instilled within me.

Forever grateful,

Susanne Ciaglia

Registered Nurse

Gina Eubank is a novelty in the medical world today. She is a rare combination of pharmaceutical and chemical smarts, practical advice, lifestyle analysis, holistic/big picture medicine and charismatic sass.

Gina develops a custom approach for each and every new client and goes deep to figure out how to serve each person’s needs. There is no judgment, no ego, no bs—she just wants to find a solution that works… for you. And she will. Because she is a steadfast detective with a heart of pure gold who will not stop until she cracks your case and then some. Beyond the singular issue that may have prompted your dedication or exploration into your own well being, Gina will guide you in creating a life of more true vitality and optimum health than you even knew was possible when you started… and sustain it.

She is all about setting you up to win long-term and is an absolute maven of “best-find” products and creative, at-home solutions that really work. I continue to use the practices she has taught me on an “every day” basis and have sent countless friends her way who sing her praises, as well. There is no better resource to help heal your body’s current limitations… and who will care about your quality of life at such a rockstar level. I cannot recommend the quality of Gina’s services and heartfelt, genuine approach more. She is the real deal.

Jill Marek

Creative Director + Owner, Blue Iguana Production

I am grateful to Gina for helping me to heal more than I ever thought was possible.

In 2007 when I was 23 years old I had a terrible reaction to formaldehyde, which I inhaled from the building materials used in an apartment where I was living. My eyes and lips swelled followed by the skin on my face, neck, and behind my elbows and knees. It reached a point where my skin was so broken and raw it became very difficult to accomplish things that were once easy, for example, turning my head from side to side and showering. When the blood test results showed a Level 100 of formic acid in my body the best allergist in the greater Houston area said the best solution was for me to stay on steroids for the rest of my life to control the swelling. I was very disappointed because not only did I want my skin healed, but I also wanted my health back and I knew steroids would control the symptoms but not truly treat the problem.

When I met Gina and shared my story with her I knew immediately she was an absolute GIFT sent to help me. She had the vast medical knowledge to understand how the formaldehyde was affecting my body inside and out AND the skills to help me get to the root of the problem. She helped me balance using the steroids when I needed them and take steps toward total health. I followed her plan for detox which included multiple bodily cleanses, a clean diet which was continually changing to support the cleanse, and incredible follow through and words of encouragement on her part that kept me motivated to overcome my health challenge.

Within 4 months my skin was noticeably healing, AND, I knew it was because the organs in my body were healthy and it wasn’t just because I was taking medicine to treat the symptoms. Six months later I had co-workers commenting on how healthy my skin looked “despite the make-up.” When I told them it was my natural skin with no make-up they were shocked since they had seen how terrible it had looked just a few months ago the reaction.

Facing a scary and very difficult health challenge has brought me countless blessings to this day. Due to Gina’s guidance and her knowledge of what it means to be truly healthy I have adopted a lifestyle that maintains not only the total healing I was hoping for, but also gives me an energy level that allows me to accomplish my daily tasks and long term life goals. I am eternally grateful to Gina that I am experiencing the health I was hoping and praying for and that I have the tools to continue to help myself stay truly healthy.

I hope that in some way my story may encourage you to know you are not alone. There ARE solutions and there IS hope for you to reach the health you seek. I wish you courage, fortitude, and many blessings along your journey.


Katie Sofio


Where do I begin? Gina is my go to person. Gina radiates from within as she is the very essence of the Company she has created Living Nutrilicious. Gina believes you can have it all – living a vibrant healthy life full of energy and enjoying your life to the fullest. Her knowledge and expertise is an invaluable resource to anyone for creating a more abundant, joyous, healthy life. Gina has healed herself and has helped so many others on their healing journey. Her life is a direct reflection of her healing spirit. My family and I have come to rely on her. She is a tremendous resource for my entire family. We are forever grateful. She is a true blessing to us, and the world! Cristina Davis

President, Razzle Dazzle

I was introduced to Gina 3 years ago. I have Celiac disease and suffer from chronic constipation and have trouble sleeping. I was referred to Gina from my daughter and my life was forever changed. Gina’s attention to detail is amazing. She works with me on an ongoing basis to make sure I am on the right track with my health. Since meeting Gina 3 years ago, I see health completely different. I believe in Gina with all my heart and soul, she is my special angel. I can call Gina anytime I have a problem and she is always available. Gina will always hold a special place in my heart. Thanks my guardian angel for all your help and support.

Sandy Maronna

I am so grateful for Gina’s Living Nutrilicious Total Detox Program! I started the program with the hopes of generating more energy and releasing some weight, but I never expected to experience so many other benefits!

Before the detox I was experiencing bloating, stiffness and joint pain, skin rashes, fatigue, and extra weight. I would wake up 3-4 times per night leaving me lethargic, unfocused, and unproductive the next day.

During the first month of the Total Detox program I experienced so many physical improvements. First, I am so happy to say that I released 11 pounds! My face and tummy thinned out, which is where I had noticed most of the bloating previously. My clothes fit better, I felt lighter and more vibrant than I had in a long time! I suddenly noticed that I was sleeping through the night without waking up even once. My range of motion and flexibility also greatly improved! Before the Total Detox, when I would take long car rides, I would experience pain and stiffness upon getting out of the car – that was completely gone within the first two weeks of the program as was the morning stiffness!

I am soooooo grateful that the stubborn plaque skin rashes were also about 90% clear after 4 weeks, which is absolutely AMAZING because not even very powerful prescription medications had been able to clear them up!

In addition to the improvements in my physical health, I experienced improvements emotionally and spiritually. Again, during the first few weeks, I noticed that I was so much more focused, alert, and productive. On more than one occasion I would be in meetings with clients and amazing insights would just drop in and I was able to serve my clients at much higher levels! It feels so great to tap into the information I have stored from years of study and to feel confident that I will be able to access just the right information at just the right time, especially after experiencing “brain fog” for so long! This has made operating my business and serving my clients so much easier and rewarding!

I am happy to say that even my children have watched the changes I was making and started showing an interest as well. They were asking questions about healthier foods and what they could do to “be healthier”. It was so much easier than I thought to make some of the changes that are resulting in a much healthier lifestyle for them!

I honestly could not be happier with the results of the Total Detox Program and Gina’s personal coaching. It made a world of difference in my personal health, professional productivity, and emotional well-being. Not to mention with Gina’s amazing support, love, and care…the detox was EASY and FUN! I am just thrilled with my results! Thank you, God bless you, you are MAGNIFICENT GINA! Kelly M. Olson

Founder & CEO, Bridgeline INSIGHTS, LLC

When I became a grandmother and “got intentional” in being physically fit and healthy, little did I know that my body and stamina would evolve beyond thee vision I had seen for myself.

Within six months of my setting my conscious, personal commitment I met Gina Eubank, a learned, professional health guru, eager to serve and participate in the advancement of physical vitality and aliveness for the planet. I had already begun distinguishing my food selection and intake and in hiring Gina as my support mentor to my aliveness, she organized and balanced (up-leveled) what I was already doing.

She taught me how to shop for food and how to order in restaurants…the everyday minutia that stops most of us from taking on a new way of “being nutritious”! The all natural supplements that she selected uniquely for ME has made my advancement easy and focused.

I lost 10 pounds (without trying) within the first 3 months (it was a natural, simple result…no effort…). My body is so satisfied with what and how I eat now that it has been a “non-issue” to maintain my weight (which is what I weighed when I was a svelte 20 year old!). I dropped two dress sizes, my shape completely transformed into its natural, true shape; I started running and completed my first 5K ever – at the age of 66!

My complexion is clearer, people acknowledge me, at least weekly, about how radiant my skin is and how bright my eyes are. I am proud of my self-image and I sleep better than I have in years. My cholesterol had always been in the 250-280 range; today it is 200.

I love eating clean, healthy food; I experience great enjoyment and satisfaction in sharing meals with my husband and most of all I am thrilled to say “yes” to my grandsons, ages 5 and 3, who ask me to come out and play!!!! Thank you, Gina! What a treasured gift you are and you have provided me. Marilyn Macha

Corporate Consultant, Marilyn Macha Consulting

The thought of doing a detox program can be overwhelming. How can it be done with busy schedules and not feeling like we put our bodies on overload during the detox process? I’m so grateful I found the answers to these concerns through Gina Eubank’s Living Nutrilicious Detox Program.

I was drawn to her expertise in this area and inspired by her personal story. She is passionate about helping her clients reach their goals. Her unique system for gently detoxifying the body brought me incredible results. I not only lost weight but post-surgery inflammation was greatly diminished. I’m getting complimented on my radiant complexion and I definitely have more energy.

Who says detoxing has to be an arduous process? Gina has a unique way of presenting a very doable and sustainable plan for supporting the mind, body and spirit health connection. She provided an engaging and entertaining way of presenting the why we need to detox and the what is needed for the gentle yet very effective detox.

By following her brilliantly guided very manageable action steps and seeing the results I experienced, I am definitely motivated to keep practicing what I learned. Eileen Pacheco

Certified Life Coach

I am beyond blessed to be saying that Gina is a guiding light on my path of claiming total physical, mental, and emotional health.

Through Gina’s guidance as my health coach I am achieving the RESULTS I want and more. I am on a journey of tremendous growth and I am so happy to be sharing the abundant blessings I am receiving. Katie Sofio


I feel so lucky to have met Gina! She has helped me more in six weeks than many medical doctors and naturopathic doctors have done in five years. She listened to my symptoms and was able to use her extensive knowledge and experience to put together a complete plan for me including supplements and dietary changes that had almost immediate results. Within just a few days my stomach symptoms were improving and my joint pain was decreasing. I had better energy within a week! Her guidance is kind, compassionate, intelligent, and fun! Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. My health continues to improve every day and I cannot thank Gina enough. Brenda Gailhouse

Boston, MA

Gina Eubank, quite simply and quite literally, is an angel the Universe sent to me to turn my life around, in a matter of just a few short WEEKS, from languishing to flourishing! Her laser-focused medical expertise, her spot on intuition, and her caring, compassionate demeanor allowed me to transform my health and my life, with ease and grace, from low-functioning to taking on the world!

Before starting with Gina, I was running on fumes. My hormones were extremely low, my muscle and joint pain/inflammation was at an all time high, and I felt so fatigued I could barely get out of bed. Because of my history with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in my 20’s and 30’s, I was very fearful that this would be my life again. As an actress/producer with two television shows in development, that was a devastating and bleak prospect for my life.

I had tried other detox programs, but none of them seemed to address my own personal situation and needs. And none of them stuck. With Gina, I not only had a new, amazing (and yummy!) detox program, I had a lifestyle! It’s as if I suddenly had my own personal health coach, who addressed my own unique needs, and held my hand all the way through. She formulated my own specific supplement regime (which was SPOT ON), and was my most vocal cheerleader on days I just wanted to bury my head in a potato chip bag!

Within a FEW weeks, I felt a vitality and hope that I hadn’t felt in years! And the icing on the cake is that the pounds just started melting off! After three months I was down 22 pounds, and back to fitting into the most form fitting of outfits in my closet! Gina not only gave me my confidence back, but a whole new wardrobe hiding in my closet to boot!

I can’t imagine a more joyous way to express my gratitude for all that is Gina Eubank than to enlighten all who may read this as to the “magic” that is Gina! If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Gina Eubank, RUN toward her! You will be forever grateful! Barbara Tintori

Actress / Producer

I am deeply grateful to be working with Gina. Her wisdom and intelligence, background in pharmacology, intuition, passion for what she does and level of care for her patients make her an extraordinary person to work with. She has already helped me in so many ways…from getting me off of unneeded medications to assisting me in healing from a misdiagnosed chemical exposure and a chronic repetitive motion injury. I am back to painting with my right hand full time, something I have been unable to do in years. In addition, as a professional artist and teacher of classical painting and drawing, the guidance I have gotten from Gina has had a positive ripple effect through my community of fellow artists, helping many of them as well. Kelly Mellos

Fine Artist