Brenda Gailhouse – Boston, MA

I feel so lucky to have met Gina! She has helped me more in six weeks than many medical doctors and naturopathic doctors have done in five years. She listened to my symptoms and was able to use her extensive knowledge and experience to put together a complete plan for me including supplements and dietary changes that had almost immediate results. Within just a few days my stomach symptoms were improving and my joint pain was decreasing. I had better energy within a week! Her guidance is kind, compassionate, intelligent, and fun! Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. My health continues to improve every day and I cannot thank Gina enough.


Barbara Tintori – Actress / Producer

Gina Eubank, quite simply and quite literally, is an angel the Universe sent to me to turn my life around, in a matter of just a few short WEEKS, from languishing to flourishing! Her laser-focused medical expertise, her spot on intuition, and her caring, compassionate demeanor allowed me to transform my health and my life, with ease and grace, from low-functioning to taking on the world!

Before starting with Gina, I was running on fumes. My hormones were extremely low, my muscle and joint pain/inflammation was at an all time high, and I felt so fatigued I could barely get out of bed. Because of my history with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in my 20’s and 30’s, I was very fearful that this would be my life again. As an actress/producer with two television shows in development, that was a devastating and bleak prospect for my life.

I had tried other detox programs, but none of them seemed to address my own personal situation and needs. And none of them stuck. With Gina, I not only had a new, amazing (and yummy!) detox program, I had a lifestyle! It’s as if I suddenly had my own personal health coach, who addressed my own unique needs, and held my hand all the way through. She formulated my own specific supplement regime (which was SPOT ON), and was my most vocal cheerleader on days I just wanted to bury my head in a potato chip bag!

Within a FEW weeks, I felt a vitality and hope that I hadn’t felt in years! And the icing on the cake is that the pounds just started melting off! After three months I was down 22 pounds, and back to fitting into the most form fitting of outfits in my closet! Gina not only gave me my confidence back, but a whole new wardrobe hiding in my closet to boot!

I can’t imagine a more joyous way to express my gratitude for all that is Gina Eubank than to enlighten all who may read this as to the “magic” that is Gina! If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Gina Eubank, RUN toward her! You will be forever grateful!


Kelly Mellos Headshot for website

Kelly Mellos – Fine Artist

I am deeply grateful to be working with Gina. Her wisdom and intelligence, background in pharmacology, intuition, passion for what she does and level of care for her patients make her an extraordinary person to work with. She has already helped me in so many ways…from getting me off of unneeded medications to assisting me in healing from a misdiagnosed chemical exposure and a chronic repetitive motion injury. I am back to painting with my right hand full time, something I have been unable to do in years. In addition, as a professional artist and teacher of classical painting and drawing, the guidance I have gotten from Gina has had a positive ripple effect through my community of fellow artists, helping many of them as well.


Roberta Orlandino

The Living Nutrilicious Program has been a wonderful and amazing liftoff to living my best healthy -nourishing lifestyle… Gina’s wise counsel, keen knowledge of health and her ability to “hone in” have helped me through being “stuck”… it has made an amazing difference in my life and has benefited me all areas of my life. The Total Detox Program process helped me regain my zest and vitality —I feel much stronger, and I have lost over 20 lbs and kept the weight off. I also have more energy, focus and feel younger. I was also recently able to complete a 50K mile charity bike ride. I have not done a bike ride like this in over a decade until working with Gina.

My relationship with Gina has made such a difference for me personally and professionally—it has brought me daily ease and grace and led to a more fulfilling relationships all around. Thank you Gina!